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Machine plastic processing

Plastic Recycling 

The requirements for high-performance engineering plastics are many. They must meet a wide range of attributes for the manufacturing industry. From physical, mechanical or thermal properties, to good workability, surface properties, etc. This requires a wide variety of manufacturing processes and the use of different additives and makes the preparation increasingly complex. We take care, p. B. Pure production waste made of engineering plastics such as ABS, LCP, PA, PBT, PC, PEEK, PET, PPS, PSU, POM or PVDF and process them in homogeneous agglomerates without foreign matter and of constant quality.


Our agglomerates are high-quality raw materials for new plastic products. They are delivered in defined grain sizes or according to customer specifications and are used directly in the manufacturing industry, e.g. Ex. B. as granules for the manufacture of new products, or are subsequently processed by compounds.

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