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Recoplast AG
Güterstrasse 25
CH-5014 Gretzenbach

Telephone: +41 (0)62 291 15 90


Management: Becsey Philippe

UID: VAT no. CHE-113.904.650 | ZAZ no. 5452-3

UID: DE-260 568 384 | EORI: 2809 009 42607367




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If you suspect that a property right is being violated by this website, please let us know immediately so that remedial action can be taken quickly. Please note: The more time-consuming involvement of a lawyer to issue a warning, which is subject to a fee for the service provider, does not correspond to the service provider's actual or presumed will.

Concept, design, programming:

Recoplast AG
Güterstrasse 25

CH-5014 Gretzenbach

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