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Compounding Recoplast AG


By adding various additives and reinforcements such as B. glass beads, glass fibers, minerals, carbon fibers, or metal powders, etc., regranulates can be processed and optimized for a wide variety of applications and their subsequent use. So e.g. B. Changing the mechanical properties of the starting material by adding reinforcement and fillers, as well as by impact modification, mechanical parameters such as tensile strength, elongation at break or impact strength can be adjusted. Furthermore, we can make the color adjustments you want by adding pigments or masterbatches, as long as these do not affect the desired mechanical properties. Individual compounding of your recyclates turns them back into a high-quality raw material, rational manufacturing processes are also made possible and desired product properties are achieved, which ultimately leads to a longer service life, quality and cost-effectiveness. We attach particular importance to the fact that the materials and additives we use meet the highest quality standards. We can also compound small quantities economically, as well as test and sample quantities. We will be happy to advise you and develop materials that are specially tailored to your requirements and that exactly meet your requirements.

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